Examples of typical projects (ZUT)

Typical final projects that students can perform in ZUT in the field of Advanced Ship Structures are :
  • Methods of analysis of structural collapse in collisions
  • Numerical analysis of influence of residual stresses on strength and ultimate capacity of ship hull structural elements
  • Analysis of structural strength of ship hull elements subject to fatigue inducing loading
  • Application of the Mindlin-Reissner plate element to analysis of ship structural strength
  • Automation and mechanization of welding in shipbuilding
  • Computer-aided manufacturing and ship sections assembly in the Szczecin shipyard
  • Preliminary structural design of containership 4400 TEU
  • Analysis of structural strength of oil tanker 300000 DWT
  • A concept of structural design of a multi-purpose containership in short sea shipping
  • A study of structural weight indices of a twin hull high speed craft