Here are some examples of typical final projects that a student can perform in LA SPEZIA in the field of “Sailing Yacht and Motor Yacht”.


Design oriented Projects:

  • Preliminary design of a 50 feet Fly bridge Yacht
  • Design of a 26 feet Day Cruiser
  • Design of a 65 feet Motor Yacht with Fly bridge
  • Design of a 31 feet Sailing Yacht IRC Class
  • Design of a 100 feet Sport Fisherman
  • Design of a Sailing Yacht ORC 33
  • Refitting and restyling of a 30 feet wooden Sailing Yacht
  • Sphera 50: 50 feet Motor Yacht with hard top


Analysis oriented Projects:

  • FEM Analysis of a 30 feet Light Alloy Catamaran
  • Numerical evaluation of 50 feet Motor Yacht Performances
  • CFD analysis of motor yacht hulls: problems and solutions
  • Mast Behaviour Analysis by ANSYS FEM code
  • Design of a 50 meters Super Yacht
  • FEM Analysis of an ancient Wooden Ship for repair purposes
  • Structural Design of a very light sandwich sailing boat
  • Hull shape optimisation of a 60 feet sailing yacht by CFD approach