Ship production

Prof. Martin Christoph Wanner

Code = EMSHIP S4-6

Workload: 60h lecture, seminar

Number of credits: 5



Originating in the historical overview of the shipbuilding technologies, the procedure of manufacturing and assembly of steel structures will be discussed in detail. Modern and innovative technologies applied in integrated ship production processes will be presented.

The student achieves an advanced knowledge of modern ship manufacturing technologies. He will be able to survey the processes of steel manufacturing. Modern aspects of in the assembly of steel structures will be included. The graduates will be able to develop a clear understanding of the relevant processes and the related interactions.



  • Ship production process, phases and interactions
  • Measurement in the shipbuilding, high accuracy production methods of large scale structures
  • Materials
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Part fabrication, Pre- and final assembly of steel sections in context with modern outfitting methods along the production process
  • Pipe manufacturing
  • Concepts of shipyard layout, realized with flow and layout simulation tools in a “simulation laboratory”
  • Actual topics of ongoing research activities

Recommended reading:

handout, proceedings of international conferences on ship design and production: COMPIT, SNAME Ship Production Symposium, ISSC, IMDC, ICCAS, Journal of Ship Production, Ship Design and Construction by Thomas Lamb



Lectures: Ship Project and Ship Design: EMSHIP S1-3 (Semester S1), Ship Structures and Ship Production, EMSHIP S1-2 (Semester S1)

Form of exams:

Oral 30 minutes