If you fill in the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM (see link “Application form”), you automatically apply for a scholarship (unless you mention the opposite). Nothing else to do. You automatically apply for an Eramus Mundus Scholarship, a Consortium Scholarship or an Academic scholarship. Allocation will be done by the EMSHIP consortium based on the application quality and the availability of funds.
These scholarships are available for applicants to Master program and post graduate program.


Such EU scholarship is only for Non-European candidates applying to EMSHIP M90. They are 6 to 8 EM scholarships per intake.
It includes:

• Full tuition fees (9000 € per cycle – 18 months).
• Health insurance 450€.
• Travel costs (4000 or 6000€, lump sum)

a) 2000 euros/year if the residence country is less than 4000 km away from Belgium
b) 3000 euros/year if the residence country is located more than 4000 km away from Belgium.

• Monthly allocation for living and housing (1000€/month, during 18 months).
• Installation costs of 1000€.

CONSORTIUM SCHOLARSHIPS (industrial scholarships)

The consortium offers industrial scholarships for EU and NON EU candidates. The number (5-8/intake) and amount of scholarships will be fixed according to to the fund availability.
It will be distributed according to candidate CV’s quality and their motivation.
A full scholarship is not given. We prefer to give partial scholarship to several students instead of full ones to only a few.
Consortium scholarship may include (up to):

• Tuition fees (up to 12000 € for the cycle -24 months).
• Health insurance: Free for all EMShip students at ULiège.
• Travels: up to 500€
• Monthly allocation for living and housing (200 up to 750€/month, during 24 months).


Academic Scholarship concerns excellent applicants, and this scholarship will cover the full (or a part of) tuition fees.
A full academic scholarship is 9000€.
The number of Academic Scholarships can be 8-12 students per intake.


If a student has not yet benefited from an ERASMUS study grant, he/she can apply during his/her stay at ULiège for a standard ERASMUS mobility grant (mobility inside EU) for the mobility to ECN, URO or ZUT (up to 12 months – beware: internship period can’t be covered by this scholarship). This is accessible to all students (except for those who have full Erasmus Mundus Scholarship or a Consortium Scholarship).
It is aimed to cover a part of the expenses due to the mobility, but it is not at all sufficient for a living! The scholarship is a lump sum (200~300€/Month), calculated on the basis of the destination and the number of months of study to be done there. A first transfer of 70% of the grant is done at the beginning of the stay in the destination university, after completion by the student of a certain number of administrative tasks, and the remaining 30% are transferred at the end of the mobility period, after completion by the student of a certain number of administrative tasks. The administrative tasks will be explained to the applicants in due time.
Full information will be given to eligible students at the beginning of the semester in Liege, by the International Office.

CONTACTS for Application: : Mrs C Reynders , from ULiège