The “Dunarea De Jos” University of Galati is an academic educational public institution aiming to promote and sustain the development of specific cultural components within the local, regional, national and international community. In the present context these components are:

  • An action culture based on systematic and innovative knowledge (culture of scientific and technological competence, organizational competence and civil competence)
  • A permanent and innovative learning culture
  • Multiculturalism, intercultural dialogue and collaboration between different religions
  • A culture for personal and moral development
  • A culture for an active attitude and participation
  • A culture for personal development
  • A culture for integration in diversity and for globalization, in terms of respecting the identity and reciprocity

The University is a modern institution which has gained a solid national and international reputation thanks to its achievements down through the decades. With its 16 faculties, more than 17,000 students and with an experienced teaching staff of 1,000, the University is now an active participant in most of the European and American academic associations. Located in a geographical area characterized by the presence of diverse ethnic and religious groups, our University adheres to a policy of multiculturalism. The “Dunarea De Jos” University of Galati brings together the cultural, scientific, and religious traditions in Southern Moldova. The University has developed a multicultural educational programme according to the legislation in force in Romania and according to European values. The system of multicultural organization set up by the University Charta ensures complete education in Romanian or in English, at all levels of academic study: bachelor, master, doctorate, long distance and adult education. This system ensures, through adequate regulations, the autonomy and the right to draw up and implement own decisions regarding human resources, international cooperation, scientific research.

The multicultural system set up at Galati University has been evaluated positively by qualified international bodies and has consequently been recommended internationally as a model of organization. The multicultural system has been appreciated positively by prestigious universities in Europe, with whom Galati University has agreements of interuniversity cooperation, and with whom it organizes regular meetings to establish and evaluate key features of the cooperation programmes. The University constantly promotes professionalism and competitiveness for the integration in the European Higher Education Area. Up to this day there has never been any complaint of ethnic discrimination. Every international evaluation has shown positive conclusions.

It includes a Faculty of Naval Architecture with about 500 students, enrolled in all educational program levels: bachelor, master and doctoral studies, Students of the university study in various scientific fields such as: engineering, economics, law, medicine, fundamental sciences, letters, theology, arts, sports, etc. The Faculty of Naval Architecture used to be the only Romanian Higher Education Institution offering academic and research services for more than half a century. Now is the leading school in the field all over the country.

The research activity in the Faculty of Naval Architecture is organised in two departments covering the following fields: Ship hydrodynamics, Ship Structures. Each of these Departments is associated with the Romanian Research Council, CNFIS. The quality of the academic and research activity in the Faculty has been externally evaluated and granted with the High Confidence mark by the Romanian Agency of Quality in Higher Education, ARACIS.
The Ship Hydrodynamics Department is a key contributor to the field of numerical models for free surface hydrodynamics, with application to ship structures. In addition, the department is in charge of the experimental facilities (towing tank of 55m in length, cavitation tunnel) which are unique in the field of academic research in Romania. The Ship Hydrodynamics Department is involved in many Romanian or European collaborative research projects and has a significant cooperative activity with industrial partners.