Master Thesis & Internship (30 Credits) – March to Sept (2nd year)

The master thesis is performed under the scientific and technical supervision of an EMSHIP university (ECN, URO, ZUT), in partnership with an industrial partner (internship): shipyard, classification societies, etc. or an associated research institution (such as UGAL, ICAM, SOLENT, Michigan, Osaka, Pusan, UFRJ-Brazil, UNSW, …).

The formal management and practical support of the master thesis and the internship (30 credits) is done by ECN, URO or ZUT, where the student performs his 2nd year.

The Master Thesis is achieved during in the 4th semester. It is usually combined with the internship but can be “standalone”.


The students can stay at:
- another university of the EMship consortium or an associate university to do their Master Thesis or
- at ECN, URO or ZUT (2nd year location), in which additional lectures can be taken.


For ECN and URO, the full responsibility will lie at the Ecole Centrale/University of Rostock, at which ECN/URO's supervisor is responsible for the task assignment and the defense, which has to be organized at ECN/URO.
For ZUT (Poland), more freedom is possible, and a full 3rd mobility can be organized.

Link to examples of master thesis and Internships