Who can apply to EMSHIP+ ?

EMSHIP corresponds directly to the needs of the European and Worldwide Marine Industry.


Candidates may be eligible to the both tracks (master study and Post graduate Study).

They can apply to both programs (see “Online Application” in the Menu). It is however recommended to carefully compare the 2 programs and select accordingly (at least mention your preference). Feel free to contact Prof P. Rigo, Emship coordinator, if you have any questions on this issue.

It is not required to have a pre-existing background in Naval Architecture or Ship and Offshore Technology. But interest and high motivation to these activity fields is expected.

For Track 1, as the master is shared with the Master of Mechanics, some prerequisites are required.


For Track 1 (Master Studies), the targeted candidates are:

  • Undergraduate Students having a BSc (typically a bachelor in 3 years as in Europe, or in 4-5 years in other countries). If specialized, the bachelor should be in Mechanics, Aero, Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering, Material engineering or related fields;
  • Engineers with a Master degree (MSc , BAC+5) in Mechanical Engineering, Marine Engineering, Civil Engineering or related fields, searching for advanced education in Marine Hydrodynamics, in Ship and offshore Design, Ship and offshore Structures, Production, and Information Technology (to upgrade his existing knowledge);
  • Engineers looking to start a career in classification societies, R&D units or in maritime engineering companies;
  • Candidates looking for an ideal preparation for a PhD (or R&D) in the maritime field;
  • All Candidates must have a relevant background in : (See Prerequisite)
    • Mathematics, Physics, Numerical Analysis
    • Physics of materials, Applied thermodynamics ,
    • Mechanics, Mechanics of materials, Solid mechanics,
    • Fluid mechanics

For Track 2: (Post Graduate studies), the targeted candidates are:

  • Candidates having already a master degree in engineering (or equivalent as a BSc giving access to the profession of Engineer, …) that would like to get a specialisation in Ship and Offshore Design. Typically a previous education in Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Maritime engineering, Ship officers, Mechanical, Aero Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc. are suitable;
  • Active engineering officers with 3-5 years seafaring work experience, which are looking for upgraded knowledge to better fulfil their carrier objectives. There is indeed a large demand from ship-owners and port authorities to hire such officers, knowing what on-board service is, to manage and maintain their fleet;
  • Engineers looking to start a career in a shipyard, ship owner, manufacturer, classification societies,...
  • Candidates looking for complementary education in the Sailing Pleasure Crafts and Mega/Motor Yachts, but also in Safer and Cleaner Maritime and Inland Navigation transportation modes.
  • Experienced Engineers or professionals searching for advanced education in Hydrodynamics in Ship Design, Ship Production, Information Technology and Ship Structures.


COMPARISON between the 2 Education Programs (Tracks)–
Master Study and Post Graduate Study