Eligibility for EMship Master in Advanced Ship Design

Eligibility Conditions:

Who can apply to EMSHIP+ Master 90 ? 


EMSHIP+ corresponds exactly to the needs of the European and Worldwide Marine Industry.

Candidates can apply for EMSHIP+ Master in Advanced Ship Design WITH or WITHOUT scholarship

English practice is mandatory as all the lectures are in English.

For Track 2 (M90 - Post Graduate studies) : 


The targeted candidates are:

  • Candidates having already a master degree in engineering (or equivalent as a BSc giving access to the profession of Engineer, …) that would like to get a specialisation in Ship and Offshore Design. Typically a previous education in Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Maritime engineering, Ship officers, Mechanical, Aero Engineering, Civil Engineering, etc. are suitable;
  • Active engineering officers with 3-5 years seafaring work experience, which are looking for upgraded knowledge to better fulfil their carrier objectives. There is indeed a large demand from ship-owners and port authorities to hire such officers, knowing what on-board service is, to manage and maintain their fleet;
  • Engineers looking to start a career in a shipyard, ship owner, manufacturer, classification societies,...
  • Candidates looking for complementary education in the Sailing Pleasure Crafts and Mega/Motor Yachts, but also in Safer and Cleaner Maritime and Inland Navigation transportation modes.
  • Experienced Engineers or professionals searching for advanced education in Hydrodynamics in Ship Design, Ship Production, Information Technology and Ship Structures.

According to Article 54 of the decree of March 31, 2004 (Belgium) in order to be eligible to the EMship program, a student must hold a: master degree obtained after five years of studies (called BAC+5).

In Belgium, five years of studies are equivalent to 300 credits (60 credits for each year) = BAC+5.

Typically, your application can be accepted if you hold at least a 3 years bachelor degree and a 2 years master degree, or a 4 years bachelor degree and a one-year master degree.

However, if you do not fulfill these conditions (for instance you have no master or you have only 4 years of education), there are some special situations for which you can be accepted.

Special Eligibility Conditions (5 steps to follow)

In order to confirm the eligibility of a candidate, ULiège will check the application through the following steps (from the easy and straight forward, to the more complex situations).

See also informations in FAQ.

For more information about general conditions (Track 2) for all nationalities download the following document.


    Download Eligibility conditions M90, Track 2

If you have a question about your eligibility for EMSHIP M90 please contact Prof Ph RIGO