Initiation to Research & Development, Preparation to the Final Project and Technical Visits

P. Ferrant, I Gentaz (ECN) ; Ph Rigo and A. Hage (ULiège)

Code = EMSHIP S3-6 (Semester 3)

Workload: lectures, conferences and seminars (30h), personal work (45h)

Number of credits: 10



During this part of the training, seminars are proposed to present the organization, structure and role of Research & Development activity in industry. A large part of this period is dedicated to personal work in order to prepare the final project which will take place at the end of the third trimester. 


• Initiation to research: Complementary numerical and experimental approaches, State of the art in ship performance assessment, Organization of international collaborative research, etc (Seminars given by leading researchers from Centrale Nantes and partner universities with contributions from industrial partners)
• Preparation to the Final Project: Methodology, objectives, assessment and evaluation, bibliographical research methodology, initiation of the state of art for the project.
• At the end (June) each student will present a report, called “Project Plan”, with a detailed plan for his project, content, planning, objectives, etc. He will have to present orally (30min) this report to a group of Professors.
• Two weeks of seminars with the six partner universities and their representatives (selection of projects…).
• Technical visits of shipyards, leisure boats industries and experimental facilities:

    • Technical visits of shipyards : STX (St Nazaire), DCNS (Brest, Lorient, Indret), Bénéteau (St Gilles Croix de Vie) …
    • Experimental facilities (towing tank, wave tank, structural labs, …): Nantes (ECN); Val de Reuil (Bassin d’Essais des Carènes-Délégation Générale de l’Armement), Brest (IFREMER) ….
    • Engineering Companies such as PRINCIPA Marine, SIREHNA, Danish Hydraulics Institute, . . .

These program and visits will be organised by ECN (Nantes) with the active support of ULiège staff and professors.

Form of exams:

“project plan” report and oral presentation (30min)