Design of small crafts and high speed vessels (3 credits)

Prof. A. HAGE, Towing Tank Manager

Code = EMSHIP S1-5 (Semester S1)

Workload: 20 hours lecture, 30 hours project

Number of credits: 3



The objective is to provide the specific knowledge about High speed vessels, completing the standard theories about merchant ships. The course will include the following main aspects:



Design of High Speed Vessels:

    • Semi-planning and planning hulls
    • Wave resistance and wash.
    • Hydrofoil: velocity coefficient, lift coefficient, foils, etc.
    • Definition fast ship forms, deadrise angle, dimensioning of spray, etc.
    • Dynamic Stability and manoeuvring.
    • Elements of alternative propulsion: water jet, outboard, Z drive,..
    • Practical aspects of design.

Recommended reading

Basic ship theory (E. C. Tupper, KJ Rawson) and Principle of Naval Architecture (Edward V. Lewis)


This module is the first part of the Master education program concerning pleasure craft (design oriented). More advanced and complementary lectures in Sailing Boat, Pleasure Yacht are available by selecting Genoa University - Polo Universitario di La Spezia - for the third semester (see lecture contents here after).

Form of exam:

Oral – discussion on student’s project (30 Min).