Examples of typical final projects in Ship hydrodynamics :

- Numerical optimisation of the hull of a ‘mini 6.50’ sailing boat (designed for disabled persons).
- Study of a small watercraft carrying measurement probes for experimental studies in geophysics. 
- Design of bow propellers with a CFD code.
- Numerical estimation of ship added resistance in waves based on CFD.
- Design of innovative fast sailing ships.
- Numerical and experimental study of wave interaction with ships moored side by side.
- Experimental study of dynamic positioning systems for ships.
- Experimental study on deck effects of Green water. 
- Numerical modelling of bow impact using mesh-less methods.
- Hydroelastic behaviour of large container ships.
- Research on innovative hull forms for fishing vessels based on shape optimization.
- Numerical prediction of wash. 
- Short term prediction of wave conditions and resulting ship motions with application to marine operations.