Awarded Degrees

Advanced Education Master Program in Naval Architecture (Post Graduate studies- 90 credits)

Targeted candidates: Engineers having already professional expertise. Accessible to candidates having a master degree (BSc and MSc, BAC+5) or at least a BSc degree (Bachelor - BAC+4 or +5) with at least 1 year of relevant professional expertise.

Degree Awarded: A double master degree from University of Liege (EMSHIP coordinator, Belgium) and ECN (Nantes, France):

  • ULiège : Specialized Master, 60 credits: Advanced Master in Ship Design,
  • ECN: Master 60 credits: Master in Applied Mechanics, specialized in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Propulsion,
    A “Supplement to Diploma” referring to the 3rd mobility done in Germany (Rostock), Italy (Genoa), Poland (Szczecin) , Romania (Galati) or France (ICAM, Nantes) , including the industrial internship (4-5 months) and master thesis.

Track 2 corresponds to the original EMSHIP program (started in 2010) in 18 months.



Erasmus Mundus Emship Master


Post Graduate Master study

(90 credits)


18 months program



Advanced master degree (double degree) ,which does not give access to title of ENGINEER, as to be eligible to this advanced program you must already have this title (and access to an engineering profession);



Technology oriented.

Education of advanced design technics and new technologies, with a focus on the application (ship, offshore units), not on the tools development.



Candidate having a professional profile and a main interest to practice.


9k€/year (18 months)

Scholarships will be available for students
(see “Application”)

Full scholarship are given by the European Commission - “Erasmus Mundus”


MSc or BSc 4 Years and Professional certificate

  See also : WHO CAN APPLY