FAQ - Application

When can I apply for EMSHIP program?

If you intend to apply for Erasmus mundus scholarship, you have to apply and finalize your application before the deadline which is normally end of December. After the deadline, you still can apply for the program as a self-funding student.

How can I apply for EMSHIP program and Erasmus Mundus scholarship?

The EMSHIP application (including the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship) will be open on 15th September until 31thDecember. This leads to start of the program in September of next year. Note that in order to apply for EMSHIP you need to create an account in the “Application” on www.EMSHIP.EU. Since you have submitted your application and required documents online via the application portal site; you do not need to provide (send us) hard copies at this time.

When can I apply to Erasmus mundus Scholarship?

Application for Erasmus mundus Scholarship opens in middle of September and will close at the end of December. For self–funding students, there is not a specific deadline. But, you have to take into account the time must be spend on eligibility check, preparation of admission documents and processing time of visa especially for Non-EU applicants. The program begins on the 15th of September.

What are the deadlines?

The EMSHIP scholarship application must be completed and validated by 6 January. Please remember that 6 January is a due date. In other words, January 6th is the last possible date we will accept your credentials. We strongly recommend that applicants submit their completed applications before last week of December. For self –funding students, there is not a specific deadline. But, you have to take into account the time must be spend on eligibility evaluations, admission process and visa. The courses begin on the mid of September.

Why this early application deadline for the Erasmus Mundus scholarships?

This deadline is set so early because the consortium has to propose students, who will receive a scholarship to the European Commission before a defined deadline at the beginning of each calendar year. The consortium has to meet the European Commission's guidelines in choosing students.

Can I still submit my application, after the deadline?

No, that is impossible for the purpose of Erasmus Mundus scholarship. Due to the high number of applicants and the deadline for submitting the lists with applicants' names to the European Commission; it is not possible for the consortium to accept application after the deadline (Erasmus Mundus scholarship). After the deadline, application for self-funding students is still possible until June for Non-EU applicants and August for EU applicants.

How can I find out that I am eligible for EMSHIP program?

On the eligibility condition’s section on www.EMSHIP.eu , you can find relevant information concerning your eligibility. If your academic status was not concerned to any of the conditions which were described on the website, you can ask Selection Committee to check your eligibility by sending us your academic records. If you still have a question about your eligibility to EMSHIP please complete http://www.emship.ulg.ac.be/Documents/ELIGIBILITY%20FORM%20EMShip%20.pdf and send it to Prof Ph RIGO.

What Kind of documents & information are required for online application?

  • Nationality certificate dated of the year of the registration issued by the local municipal authority, Embassy, consulate, Justice Minister, or a copy of the passport;

  • Copy of your Secondary School Diploma translated in English or French;

  • Copies, certified or authenticated by the institution attended (or by the EMSHIP institution in which you are studying at the moment), of your higher education studies diploma and a transcript of record with a translation (by a sworn translator) into English or French;

  • A summary of your final dissertation (Master Thesis or BsC Thesis) in French or English and a copy of the contents page;

  • An English Proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, proof that English was your previous education language any other document stating your English proficiency);

  • Please provide, year by year, official documents for the past five years if they are not covered by your last diploma (Official declaration of enrolment for higher education or university studies, original employment certificate - specifying occupation start and end dates, declaration of military service). Translation in English or French if they are not;

  • Two Recommendation letters in English

What should I do, if I do not have a valid passport to upload on the period of application?

We need a document which can show your identity. If you do not have valid passport, you can send us your national ID card or translation of your Birthday Certificate or etc. After, you get your passport, you can send us. For EU student, an ID card is acceptable.

What are the Language requirements of EMSHIP program?

There is no certain minimum score for TOEFL or IELTS or any other degree which are determining your English level, but having a good score in aforementioned exams is considered as a positive point in the selection process and our criteria. Basically, the applicant’s English proficiency will be evaluated based on the Skype/telephone interview if it is necessary. If applicant’s first language is English, you will normally be exempted from this requirement. You may also be exempted if you have earned a Bachelor's or a Master's degree taught exclusively in English.

What is the deadline for submitting my English language test results?

There are no worries about receiving the English Test Score after the deadline. If you have received it via your email or etc. You can just send us a copy of scanned version. No need to send them to us by mail.

I have asked my professor to write me a recommendation letter but he prefers to send it to Selection Committee directly, is it acceptable?

Principally, the letters of recommendation (minimum two) must be written by faculty members or job supervisors – i.e. people most familiar with your academic and/or professional abilities and character – in English.
They can send us directly by email "emship@ulg.ac.be" under the reference : " Country-First name, Familly name of the candidate- Letter of recommendation, for both Email subject and the title of the document. Both scanned version and email (from professor) are acceptable.

Currently, I am working in a company. Is it acceptable to send you a recommendation letter from my boss?

Yes, it is also possible to send us the recommendation(s) letter from your company authorities.

Currently, because I am a student in the last year of BSc/MSc I would not be able to send you my full transcripts or the diploma?

In the case you are student now and will graduate in following month (before the start of EMSHIP program, September), you just need to provide a paper from your faculty/university/ministry of education that you are already student in Msc/Bsc and your current program will be finished in x/x/x date.

I am a holder of Master degree; do I still need to upload my bachelor’s diploma and transcripts?

In principle, we need all of your previous academic degrees + transcripts.

At this moment I am not able to upload my secondary education diploma?

You can send us after the deadline. But, you have to provide the original one, on the day of inscription in University of Liège.

Can I send my documents by email?

You must upload all the requested documents on application form and with a good quality. PDF files/scanned are preferred. In the case, there are some missing documents in your application; you will receive notification from Selection Committee in January.

How can I find out that I finalized my application?

After you validate your application, you automatically will receive a confirmation from our online system. Note that we only take an action on the applications which were validated. Invalidated applications are not considered.

I forgot to upload a document(s); do I still have an access to my account?

Up to the deadline, you can add/remove the files or update your application. After the deadline you cannot access to your account. You can send directly to emship@ulg.ac.be .

Is it necessary to ask EMSHIP selection committee for checking my uploaded files and application form?

Basically, after the deadline and by starting to evaluate all the applications, if there are some missing information/documents in validated applications, we will inform concerned candidate(s) to send us the missing part(s).

I will be outside my home town now, which address I have to write in my application?

It is better to write down your home town address. The address you get completely sure you will receive any mail.

What are the adopted criteria for EMSHIP selection committee?

Annually, we receive numerous applications for EMSHIP program especially from Non-European countries. Though the selection criteria are uniform across all countries, there are some eligibility requirements that vary. Selection criteria concerns:

  • Academic excellence, as demonstrated by past academic results and by transcripts, awards and distinctions.

  • English Skills, An English Proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, proof that English was your previous education language any other document stating your English proficiency); good overall mark in one of these test can increase your chance to get the scholarship.

  • Motivation letter

  • References


The selection process for EMSHIP is based on an assessment of your merits in relation to the selection criteria. As the first stage of the selection process is based on uploaded documents, it is important that you provide the selection committee with information that demonstrates your ability to satisfy the selection criteria.

In the case that I did not have final thesis in my BSc/MSc or have not started to work on my final thesis yet; what should I do?

If your current/previous program is/was without final dissertation or it is/was just an academic project. You can upload a brief description of it. If not, you can send us after the deadline a summary of your final dissertation in English (or French) and a copy of the content’s page;

At the moment of application, I am not able to provide the nationality certificate?

Principally, one of these two documents need to be uploaded for your application; a copy of your valid passport or Nationality certificate dated of the year of the registration issued by the local municipal authority, Embassy, consulate, Justice minister.

Basically, we can precede your application without Nationality Certificate. Note that once you will be in Belgium to enroll at University of Liège, the registration office will ask you to provide Nationality Certificate.

Is there a separate application for “Alternative Scholarships?”

Actually, by applying through the EMSHIP website, you automatically applied to both Erasmus Mundus and alternative scholarship. But, firstly we propose our list to European Commission and for the remained candidates who perhaps could not get the Erasmus Mundus scholarship; we propose them the Alternative scholarship. This is based (your chance of getting alternative scholarship) on your ranking in the reserved list. Application is in April for alternative scholarship.

I applied last year for EMSHIP, should I apply again for the new call?

Each year, if you intend to apply for EMSHIP program, you must create a new account and fill the application and upload the required documents.

General recommendation for your application:

  • We strongly recommend early applying to the program. Postponing to the last moments might lead encountering lots of unexpected issues. In case of any problem, you may receive the answer to your inquiries by a delay Because of New Year holidays (if you apply very late).In principle all copies have to be sworn. Therefore, simple translations can be accepted, but once in Belgium you will have to prove the original documents (also in your local Belgium embassy in your country). That is why it is useful to upload sworn copies.

  • In addition to Erasmus Mundus scholarship, Alternative scholarship from the consortium will also offer to excellent students. It is still very competitive.

  • In addition to Erasmus Mundus, EMSHIP selection committee offers an array of scholarships through the consortium, sometimes in cooperation with industry partners. Scholarships range from (partial) tuition waivers to full scholarships covering all tuition fees plus living expenses. The status and number of alternative scholarship will announce in the end of March. There is no separate application procedure for these scholarships.

  • Because of long administrative process of getting work permit for Non-EU applicants; our partner’s companies prefer to grant EU- applicants for industrial scholarship. The status of this scholarship will announce as far as we hear from our partners (end of July).

  • In the online application form you will ask to provide information concerning:

*General personal information

*Work Experiences

*Details of professional qualifications

*Higher Education

*Secondary Education

*Training details

*English Skills

*Referees (recommendation letter from professor or job supervisor)